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Pilot Episode - Halloweenie Neighbor
The episode that started it all! All Ded Dave wants to do is relax and watch a little television; it turns out to be rather difficult when Bog and the deceased neighborhood kids stop by for a little trick-or-treating and Hallowe'en party.
Musical Guest - The 3-D Invisibles

Join The Ded Dave Show cast in a heartwarming rendition of the true story of Santa Claus. Also, a talent show hosted by Clarence at the Short Black Dog Lounge aids in the celebration of a special birthday boy.
Musical Guest - Eunich Horn's Wish from Smetsylvania

Bog invades Ded Dave's personal space and Ded Dave's had enough! Time to get away from the crypt and the bar for a little relaxation and a movie Ded Dave has been waiting to see for a very long time.
Musical Guest - Tim Pak

Ded Dave receives a mystery package that turns out to be something he ordered when he was a child.
Musical Guest - Downtown Brown

A British film crew comes to North America; what they discover changes the focus of their documentary. Look behind the scenes of The Ded Dave Show and discover how the show came to be. Featuring rare archival footage and complete cast and crew interviews.

Join Bog in an epic altered state journey of discovery as he realizes the true nature of zombies in the land of the dead.
Musical Guest - The Meatmen

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